Price Variation widget

This widget contains a graph that shows the prices of the selected property and its reference room category. The widget displays the current price, the RMS Price, the maximum and the minimum price of the market.

Graph details

The Price Variation graph contains these charts:
  • A blue line chart for Current Prices.
  • A orange line chart for RMS Prices.
  • A gray area chart for Market Prices, where the lower bound is for the lowest price, and the upper bound is for the highest price.
    Note: If the selected property has no competitor feed, the gray area chart is not displayed. The favorite competitors selected by the property are also included by default.
The Price Variation graph has these two axes:
  • Horizontal axis: Represents the selected dates.
    Note: By default, the next 30 days are selected..
  • Vertical axis: Represents the prices.
When hovering the mouse over a date in the Price Variation graph, a tool-tip is displayed with this information:
  • Date
  • Current Price
  • RMS Price
  • Max Price
  • Min Price
  • The selected competitors
Note: If the selected property has no competitor feed, the Max Price and the Min Price are not displayed in the tool-tip.

If you click any date on the graph, the Decision screen is displayed.

Selecting competitors

On the top right side of the Price Variation graph, click the Graph icon to select competitors. When you select a competitor from the list, a line chart is displayed in the graph. The line chart has the same color as the selected competitor.

Selecting a date range

A small graph is located under the main graph that displays the curve shape for all dates, from the current date until the pricing horizon.

You can filter on the dates by moving the Left and Right brackets.
Note: When you change the selected date range, the main graph is updated to zoom on the selected dates.

You can also use the calendar on the bottom side of the widget to select the date range to be displayed on the main graph.

Exporting graph details

Click the three dots on the upper right corner of the widget and select CSV Export. You can use this to export the details of the graph in a CSV file.