Calendar widget

You can use the Calendar widget to do these actions:

  • Select the date that you want to focus on.
  • Navigate through months and years using the calendar bar.
  • Select one of these alerts to highlight dates on the Calendar widget:
    • Booking Variation: It highlights the difference between the latest OTB and a specific milestone. The specific milestone can be the previous night audit, 2 days, 3 days, 7 days etc. ago, usually abbreviated to 1D, 2D, 3D etc. D0 is available for properties with real time for the variance between current and the last night audit. When calculated as a percentage difference, it is relative to the milestone.
    • Market Price Variation: It highlights the difference between the latest market price and the market price as of a specific milestone.
    • Price Decision Variation: It highlights the difference between the RMS Price and the current price decision for the reference room type. When calculated as a percentage difference, it is relative to the current price. When the property has multiple room categories, the prices correspond to the reference room category.
    • Revenue Opportunity: For each future date, properties have a wide range of potential customers. These potential customers have demand for different products which have different value. The RMS can calculate the most valuable scenario for each date and lead time, it calculates the appropriate selling rate and restrictions. The revenue gain identified for applying a different rate or restriction is generally referred to as the revenue opportunity.
    Note: The alert value is displayed based on the threshold in Filter Parameters menu. The Market Price Variation alert is not displayed for properties without a competitor set.
  • Switch the unit of the alert value:
    • %: The alert value is displayed by percentage.
      Note: When Revenue Opportunity alert is selected, this option is disabled.
    • #: The alert value is displayed by number.
  • Switch the widget view:
    • Calendar view
    • Best Opportunity view
    Note: The options that you selected on the Filter Parameters menu have a direct effect on the selected view.
When you click a date from the calendar, the Decision screen dynamically displays the new date details.
Note: The selected date is highlighted in blue within the Calendar and Summary widget.

These are the defaults of the Calendar widget:

  • Alert: Price Decision Variation in %.
  • Month and year: The current month and year of the selected property.
  • The calendar always display 6 weeks: First day of the week is Sunday or Monday depending on your user settings.

When you first navigate, the current date is selected in blue as first date in the calendar.

Current date concept reflects today's date based on the property location and independent from the extract/ snapshot date.

The next 6 days are displayed in light blue. These days are displayed in the Summary widget.

The past dates and the future dates out of the optimization horizon are displayed in light gray and cannot be selected.

When you select another date from the current month, the selected date is displayed in blue. The Summary widget and date details section are updated with data related to the new selected date.

An Uploaded icon is displayed next to the days that were uploaded before.