Revenue Forecast widget

This widget provides an analysis of the expected revenue at property level.

Graph details

The Revenue Forecast graph contains these charts:
  • Orange line for the User Revenue Forecast
  • Light orange area chart for the RMS Revenue Forecast
  • Brown area chart for Revenue OTB
The Revenue Forecast graph has these axes:
  • Horizontal axis: Represents the selected dates.
    Note: By default, the next 30 days are selected.
  • Y vertical axis on the left side: Shows the User and RMS Revenue scale
When hovering the mouse over a date in the Occupancy Forecast graph, a tooltip is displayed with this information:
  • User Revenue Forecast
  • RMS Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue OTB

If you click any date on the graph, the Decision screen is displayed.

Selecting a date range

A small graph is located under the main graph that displays the curve shape for all dates, from the current date until the pricing horizon.

You can filter on the dates by moving the Left and Right brackets.
Note: When you change the selected date range, the main graph is updated to zoom on the selected dates.

You can also use the calendar below the graph to select the date range.

Exporting graph details

Click the three dots on the upper right corner of the graph and select CSV Export. You can use this to export the details of the graph in a CSV file.