Adjusting the market price

  1. Click Menu > Decision.
    In the Homepage, click a date from the calendar or graphs to open the Decision screen.
  2. Select a property from the Property Selection menu.
  3. Select the date that you want to work with.
  4. Click the Edit icon.
    When you click the Edit icon, the insights are hidden.
  5. Specify the new price(s) using the Price stepper. The variation is displayed next to the modified price(s).
    The Price stepper contains these elements:
    • Price field: Specify a price then click Enter on the keyboard or click anywhere outside the field.
    • Plus sign: Click to increase the price by one step.
    • Minus sign: Click to decrease the price by one step.
    Note: The step of the price change is defined by property on the Properties screen through the Price Step field.
  6. Click Adjust.
    Note: When you click Adjust, the new prices are processed for the selected date, and the Decision screen is refreshed to display the new details.