Click More > Details to view more details about the selected period and analysis type in a table format. Each date is displayed in a row with its corresponding details.

The analysis within the table depends on these elements:
  • The analysis type that you selected in Analysis Type field.
  • The criteria that you selected from the Filer Parameters menu.
  • The period that you selected in the lower graph or calendars.

You can search for specific dates or values in the table using the filters and search fields.

All columns within the table header have these elements:
  • Search field where you can specify the value or date to look for.
  • Filter icon where you can select one of these filters:
    • Contains
    • Does Not Contain
    • Equals
    • Does Not Equal
    • Is Empty
    • Is Not Empty
    • Ends With
    • Does Not End With
    • Starts With
    • Does Not Start With
On the upper right side of the window, click the CSV icon to generate and download the table into a CSV format.
Note: The downloaded file name is the same as the selected analysis type.