Best Opportunities view

You can switch to the Best Opportunities view by clicking the Light bulb icon on the upper right corner of the Calendar widget.

You can use it to review a filtered and sorted list of the best opportunities for different alerts in a specific horizon, longer than the calendar would allow.

Click the Calendar icon to go back to the calendar view.

These modification can affect what is displayed on the best opportunities list:

  • Edit filters using the Filter Parameters menu.
  • Change the alert type.
  • Switch the unit of the alert value:
    • %: The alert value is displayed by percentage.
      Note: When Revenue Opportunity alert is selected, this option is disabled.
    • #: The alert value is displayed by number.
  • Change the month or year in the calendar bar.
  • Switch horizon in the calendar bar:
    • 60D: Alerts are displayed for a period of 60 days.
    • 90D: Alerts are displayed for a period of 90 days.
    • nD: Alerts are displayed for all days in the forecast horizon. nD is dynamically adjusted for each property based on the optimization horizon parameter.
      Note: The horizon starts on the first day of the selected month that is not in the past. Example: With a 90D horizon, you select January, and the current date is 25th of January, the horizon will account 90 days from the 25th of January. Past dates and future dates out of the optimization horizon are not displayed in the list.
  • Upload a date. An Uploaded icon is displayed next to the days that are uploaded.

You can click any date from the list to work on its pricing strategy. When you select a date, the Decision screen is refreshed to display the new date details.