Maintaining auto transfers

The Auto Transfer tab is used to create billing instructions related to the routing of new transaction postings from one folio to another. When auto transfer is used, the charge is routed to another account at the time of posting. When a charge is transferred, the receiving folio displays information to define where the charge was transferred from, and the sending folio displays no indication of the transfer. Auto transfer instructions can be maintained throughout a Guest Stay, Property Rate Plan or Accounts Receivable; however, the destination account must have a status of Pending or Active, and transfers only take place after the instructions have been maintained. Transactions posted before the maintenance of the instructions must be moved manually if they are required on another folio.

If the following conditions are met the reservation interface creates auto transfer rules for room charges. The transfer rule is configured to send the charges to Folio 4.

  • Confidential Rate check box is selected
  • Property parameter INTFTRANSFERRULES check box is selected
  • A reservation has credit card information as the guarantee
  • You can access the Auto Transfer tab from the Guest Stay, Account, Event Reservations, Accounts Receivable, Property Rate Plan screens.
  • When a rate plan that has auto transfer rules is added to a guest reservation, the rate auto transfer rules are copied to the Guest Stay > Auto Transfer Rule tab.
  • When accepting a reservation through an interface, auto transfer rules can also be retrieved from the organization. And the link to the organization is established, in these ways:
    • The interface message includes the Organization ID.
    • The interface message includes a rate plan that is setup as the negotiated rate for the specific organization and the rate plan is configured as an exclusive rate plan.
  • When the link to the organization is established, the application:
    • Copies the Auto transfer rules from the Organization and
    • Copies the link to the reservation, if the reservation message contains a guarantee of DB (Direct Bill) and the organization has an Accounts Receivable account linked.
  • When changes, such as date and time, are made to the event reservation the associated auto transfer rule data is also updated.