Reservation Cancellation

This report creates cancellation letters for guest reservations in Cancel status with an arrival date within the specified date range. Cancellation letters are typically e-mailed or mailed to the guest when a reservation is cancelled from HMS. The cancellation letter can be sent from the guest stay record, or a batch of cancellation letters can be printed from the Reports menu. The cancellation letter includes property information, correspondence information, guest details, reservation information, stay details, charges summary, stay segment details, add-ons, hotel policies, special requests, comments, billing information, transportation details, activity details, and associated reservations if being printed for an reservation coordinator.

When cancellation letters are printed from the Reports menu, you can filter by confirmation number and locale, correspondence type, correspondence ID, account ID, account type, and additional correspondence. You can sort the letters by cancellation date or arrival date.optionally set the specified date range to be based off the reservation date or the guest arrival date.

  • When there is no data to display for special requests, comments, associated reservations, or transporation details the section headers for them will not print thereby making it possible for the cancellation letter to be printed on one page.
  • When the guest has preferences, any preference descriptors that exist for the preference code will display.
  • If the guest has a confidential rate, the rate information and deposit information will not display.
  • When a confirmation letter is printed from an associated reservation coordinator, the associated reservation section is included and includes three sections:
    • The associated reservation name.
    • A summarized list of the associated reservations summarized by arrival and departure date, then room type.
    • A list of each reservation in the set of associated reservations, including the coordinator. The coordinator reservation will be listed first and will have an asterisk in the Guest Name column. The remaining reservations are sorted by Guest Last Name.
  • If the cancellation is sent from the guest stay record and the user enters an additional address, the Send to Name and Send to Contact will not display.
  • If the cancellation is e-mailed from the guest stay record the correspondence information section will not be included.
  • The activity details for a primary guest and the participants are displayed first. The Cancelled activities are not displayed in this report.