Service Level - Service Order Processing

Service levels are used to suppress minor services when major services are due.


The service level is numeric from 1 to 9. The lower the number, the larger the service.


If a car is being serviced for 24,000 miles, the 6,000 miles service would be suppressed because the larger service includes those tasks carried out in the minor service. And, the 24,000-mile service would have level 1 while the 6,000-mile service would have level 2.

The chart below illustrates this example.

6,000 Miles Service 24,000 Miles Service
6,000 Not due
12,000 Not due
18,000 Not due
Suppressed 24,000

Note: If the service level is set to zero, the service definition will NOT be automatically generated when due.

The service will be automatically suppressed when a type 1 service definition is defined (generate next occurrence only). If the service is type 2 (generate all occurrences up to the planning horizon), all examples will be generated.