Validity Type - Service Agreement

A validity type specifies whether an agreement, a location or an agreement line is valid, revoked, or canceled.

The validity type is connected to a set status. In this way it is made user specific. Its significance in the system is determined, however, by its connection to status. The system contains these types of status for use:

10 Valid, partial invoicing interval
20 Valid, continual
30 Valid to
50 Revoked
60 Revoked, final crediting
90 Canceled, not valid


The validity type regulates whether an agreement line is processed and how processing is carried out when an agreement order is generated.

In agreement lines, the validity type regulates whether invoicing partial intervals is to be used for entry or whether final crediting is to be carried out when the agreement is revoked.

Generating a new agreement order is prevented when a validity type for canceled, not valid is specified. When the final validity date in an agreement line is passed, its validity type is automatically set as canceled, not valid.