Validity Period - Service Agreement

A validity period for a service agreement is the limit for when a service agreement is valid. The validity period is delineated by two dates specified in fields Valid from and Valid to, in the service agreement header.


During service on an individual item, a check is made of whether the service request was made within the applicable validity period. When the service request is made within the validity period, a further check is made whether the entire service or only parts of it are covered by the service agreement. When the service request is made outside the validity period, then the service agreement is disregarded.

The end date for the validity period also regulates how long a service agreement can be invoiced. A service agreement invoicing interval can never end later than the validity period.

Example 1

Assume a service agreement on an individual item has a validity period of 010195 - 123195.

If a request for service on the individual item is made on 123095, it is within the validity period for the service agreement even though the actual service is performed after the validity period ends one day later.

Example 2

Assume a service agreement on another individual item has the same validity period.

The invoicing interval is three months and the last interval is from 110195 - 013196. However, the validity period end date is 123195 and the invoicing interval may not end later. In this case the invoicing interval is shortened to 110195 - 123195. The service agreement is then terminated after invoicing.