Create Assignment Proposal

This procedure is used to create an assignment proposal which then generates a service order immediately or lets one be created manually at a later time.

If you have specified that a service order should be generated immediately from a proposal, then a service order containing a header, assignment and lines (if needed) will be generated.

If option 21 = Connect prop is specified for a proposal with a service order number, then several proposals can be added as new assignments for the same service order number. All assignment proposals for the same customer site address which do not have a service order number are displayed and can then be connected.

Before you start

Before you begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to create an assignment proposal.

  1. Select 'Planned Service Order. Open' (SOS570).

  2. Set the panel sequence. Sequence EF is recommended if the service order type or assignment type usually varies for the assignment proposals. Press F13 = Parameters and then enter the service order type to be proposed by default when entering the assignment proposal. You can also specify whether a service order should be created immediately after the proposal is entered or whether the proposal should be released manually to a service order and assignment.

  3. Create a proposal in the opening panel. If you do not enter a proposal number, one will be proposed automatically.

  4. Enter on panel E the individual item to be serviced. If the individual item number is known, you do not normally need to enter information about the customer site since it is retrieved from the individual item.

  5. Enter the error symptom or a description of the service to be performed. Predefined error symptoms can be used.

  6. If needed, change the value in field Payer control. This is retrieved from the service order type used.

  7. If needed, change the default service manager and technician. The scheduling dates/times calculated from the latest start time can also be changed. If the date in field Planned start date assignment is changed and the finish date deleted, then new scheduling dates/times will be calculated automatically.

  8. To create predefined service order lines for the assignment, enter the service expense, alias number or service kit.

  9. Enter the service order type, assignment type and project number (if needed) in panel F.

  10. Create the assignment proposal. To create service assignment proposals that have not been generated immediately, specify option 11 = Create SO for the proposal.

  11. After you have finished processing, press function key F3 = End to return to the menu.

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