Enter Default Values per Information ID

This procedure is used to enter default values which will be proposed as information values for specified information IDs.

The value used can depend on the information ID and its individual item. These information values are proposed the first time an information ID is entered for an individual item. This can happen when a new information version is entered and an information structure is used as a template to create the information block and information IDs for an individual item.

The default values can also be used when a new information block with information IDs is added to an information version for an individual item, or when a new information ID is added to an individual item.

The default value used for an information ID depends on the information block and certain criteria that the item belongs to or that applies generally for all individual items.

The default value for an information ID is retrieved in the following order:

Before you start

Before you begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to enter default values per information ID.

  1. Select 'Service Info ID. Enter Default Values' (SOS236).

  2. Specify option 1 = Create/select and then enter the information block containing the information ID.

  3. If the default value should apply generally for all individual items, enter 0 in field ID type and leave field Item ID blank.

  4. If the default value should be connected to an item number, item group, product group or individual item group, enter the appropriate ID type as the item ID (1, 2, 3 or 4, respectively).Note: for ID type 3, the item number to which the individual item belongs will be used to find this product group.

  5. Enter the information ID for which the default value should be entered. If this field is left blank, all information IDs included in the information block indicated in step 2 will be copied. If you do not fill in the field, go to step 7.

  6. Enter the default values for the information ID in panel E. To enter more default values, return to step 3. To complete processing, go to step 8.

  7. Specify option 2 = Change for the copied information IDs and then return to step 6.

  8. After you have finished processing, press function key F3 = End to return to the menu.

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