Display Individual Items

This procedure is used to display the individual items matching specified selections. These selections can be made based on information in the individual item file and on the information values entered for the individual item for a current information version. It is also possible to display detailed information for a selected individual item.

Only current information versions will be searched. When selections are made on an information ID and information value that have not been entered for an individual item, this individual item will not be displayed.

Before you start

Before you begin, individual items must be entered in 'Individual Item. Open' (SOS419). If information values are to be selected for these individual items, current information versions with the information values must be available.

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to display individual items.

  1. Select 'Individual Item. Display' (SOS550). To make a selection on the individual item's information values, or display specific information in the different sorting orders, press function key F13=Parameters.

  2. Enter the information IDs on which the selection will be made. The first three IDs will be displayed as information for each individual item. The information for the two sorting orders can be defined.

  3. Specify whether the selection should be made on separate values or ranges of values. If ranges should be used as selection keys for an information ID's information values, specify option 1 = Create/select.

  4. Specify whether the individual item number or user-defined field 1 should be displayed in the sorting order. Enter 0 to display the individual item number.

  5. Enter the individual item type to be proposed by default when this program is run. Valid values are 0-9. Enter 2 to display demo items by default.

  6. Fill in the other fields in panel B. To make more selections on all fields in the individual item file, press function key F17 = Selections.

  7. To display information in the individual item file, specify option 12 = Individual itms for a selected individual item in panel B.

  8. To display in detail all the information values from the individual item's current information version, specify option 13 = Information in panel B.

  9. When no more individual items should be displayed, press function key F3 = End to return to the menu.

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