Enter Information Values per Individual Item

This procedure is used to display, update and add information values for an individual item and information version. Also, information IDs and related information values can be added and deleted, and current information values can be updated or deleted.

If an information ID is added and a default value has been specified for it, then the value will be copied as the default information value. All new entries and updates will be assigned the information version's date on the information line. This makes it possible to see when a change has been made to certain information. When a new information version is entered, all information values from a current version (including change date) will be copied to the new version.

Before you start

Before you begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to enter information values per individual item.

  1. Select 'Individual Item. Open' (SOS419).

  2. Specify option 13 = Ind item info for the selected individual item.

  3. Specify option 11 = Lines for the selected information version.

  4. To display information belonging to the block, specify option 22 = Per info block. You may do this if all information blocks and information IDs for the individual item are displayed.

  5. To add a new information ID to this information block, specify option 1 = Create/select. If all information blocks and information IDs are displayed, you must also specify the information block to which a new information ID should be added.

  6. To change the information value for an information ID, specify option 2 = Change. If you have chosen to display information belonging to a specific information block, you can use full-screen entry by specifying sorting order 12. Several information values can then be updated in the same panel.

  7. To delete an information ID from the information version, specify option 4 = Delete.

  8. After you have finished processing, press function key F3 = End to return to 'Individual Item. Connect Info Versions' (SOS270).

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