Enter Information Blocks per Individual Item

This procedure is used to display the information blocks for an individual item and information version. Also, information blocks and related information can be added or deleted.

Before you start

Before you begin, these prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to enter information blocks per individual item.

  1. Select 'Individual Item. Open' (SOS419).

  2. Specify option 13 = Ind item info for the selected individual item.

  3. Specify option 12 = Info block for the selected information version.

  4. If information belonging to a new information block should be added to the information version, go to step 5. If information belonging to an information block should be deleted from the information version, go to step 6.

  5. Specify option 1 = Create/select and then enter an information block whose information should be added to the information version. All information IDs connected to this information block will be copied to the information version. If default values are entered for these information IDs, they will be copied as default information values. Go to step 7.

  6. Specify option 4 = Delete for the information block to delete.

  7. To work with information values per individual item, specify option 21 = Lines. To return to the menu, press function key F3 = End.

    See Enter Information Values per Individual Item and Enter Information per Individual Item.

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