Work with Customer Site

This procedure is used to search for a customer site using the customer file or customer address file. The customer site can also be created, updated or deleted using this procedure.

Before you start

Before you begin, customers and addresses (if any) must be entered. A customer number and address ID identify the customer site. Only addresses may be entered, updated or deleted.

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to work with a customer site.

  1. Select 'Customer Site. Display' (SOS104). This program can be accessed directly or from 'Service Order. Open' (SOS100).

  2. Use the various sorting orders to search for the customer site. Specify option 22 = Cust site addr to switch between searches in the customer file (SOS105) and the address file (SOS106). By default, the search is started in the file defined in the parameters for SOS100/P. Here, 0 signifies the customer file and 1 signifies the address file.

  3. If you have found the correct customer site, and no more entries, changes or deletions should be made, go to step 8.

  4. To enter, change or delete the address, call 'Customer Site. Display Addresses' (SOS106). To make a new entry, go to step 5. To delete, go to step 7.

  5. Specify option 1 = Create/select along with the address ID and customer number for the new customer site. If one or more service agreements are entered for the customer number, a window is displayed where you can enter 1 to enter the new site in one of these agreements.

  6. Specify option 1 = Create/select to select the agreement that will contain the new site. Enter the start and end dates to set the agreement's validity period if different from the default values. The customer site can be entered in an agreement afterwards. To do this, specify option 20 = Create agr loc.

  7. Specify option 4 = Delete to delete the address ID. If the customer site is entered in a service agreement, a window is displayed where the agreement's end date should be entered. You can remove the customer site from an agreement without deleting it by specifying option 21 = Compl agr loc.

  8. Choose on fo the following options:

    • Review individual items per customer site by specifying option 15 = Ind items/site
    • Return to the menu or previous program by pressing function key F3 = End.
    • If you began this procedure from SOS100, specify option 1 for the customer site or individual item to include it in this program.
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