Report Service Assignment

This procedure is used to select the service order(s) be reported. The individual item for which the assignment is entered can also be changed.

After using this procedure, a service assignment(s) is reported and completed for invoicing. In situations where extra service was performed, additional service assignments can be created using this procedure. This is done using function key F15 = SO assignment in 'Service Assignment. Report' (SOS660).

It is also possible to automatically create a new assignment when the assignment is reported. This is done by entering 1 in the field create new assignment.

If the individual item is metered due to servicing, the meter values can be updated when reporting the service assignment. This is done using option 17 = Meter event rep in SOS660.

Before you start

Before you begin, the service assignment must have a status lower than 60.

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to report a service assignment.

  1. Select 'Service Assignment. Report' (SOS660). This can be done from the menu or using an option from 'Service Order. Report' (SOS650), 'Service Assignment. Plan' (SOS475), or 'Service Order. Open' (SOS100).

  2. Specify panel sequence EF39. This allows changing individual item information, specifying error and action text, and entering service order lines or completing reporting on the service assignment.

  3. Specify option 2 = Change for the service assignment(s) to be reported.

  4. Update panel E with actual start and finish dates/times for the assignment or individual item information, if these should be changed. The service manager and technician can also be changed.

  5. Update panel F with any additional error or action texts. Error and action codes can also be entered here. This information is saved in the individual item history, if history will be created for the assignment.

  6. A call is now made to 'Service Order. Open Line' (SOS120). Enter service order lines regarding spare parts or time worked. For more information, see procedure Create Service Order Line. Press function key F3 = End.

  7. Next, 'Service Order. Complete Assignment' (SOS640) is called. Complete the service assignment in preparation for invoicing. Also, actual start and finish dates, as well as time worked on the assignment, can be entered here.

  8. To report more service assignments, go to step 2. Otherwise, return to the menu.

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