Enter Service Order Header

This procedure is used to enter a service order header for a customer site address to which different service assignments can be connected.

After using this procedure, a service order header is created. Normally, when the header is completed, a service assignment is entered against the service order. This is done using option 15 = SO Assignment. For this, value 5 should always be specified in the panel sequence during this procedure.

Before you start

Before you begin, basic data for the service order must be entered.

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to create a service order header.

  1. Select 'Service Order. Open' (SOS100).

  2. Specify the service order type to be used during entry. The service order type provides default values for the service order number and panel sequence, if a service order number was not entered manually.

  3. Specify the customer and address ID (if any) for the individual item or equipment to be serviced. To search for these values, press function key F15 = Site/customer. If the individual item is known, go to step 5. If the customer is not entered, then a temporary customer can be created.

  4. To search for individual items at the customer site address use F4 = Prompt in field Individual item number or F11 = Ind items/site. Select the individual item and then press Enter. If there is no individual item, then a temporary one can be specified. Note that both a temporary customer and individual item can be exchanged during reporting on the service order. Go to step 6.

  5. Specify the number of the individual item to be serviced. The customer number and customer site address are retrieved automatically from the individual item and are displayed in the panel.

  6. Detail panels normally do not need to be updated since default values are obtained from the specified customer and individual item. However, these are always displayed if an error is detected. If a temporary customer has been specified, then panel E must be updated with the customer's name and address.

  7. Update panel F if the customer's payer should be changed or if project number, accounting control, etc. should be specified.

  8. When entry is completed, the opening panel is displayed. Previously entered values are displayed here but can be deleted using function key F5 = Refresh. To enter more service order headers, go to step 2. Otherwise, return to the menu.

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