Configure Individual Item

This procedure is used to supplement an item with necessary information so it can be processed as an individual item during replacement or return delivery.

Before you start

Before you begin, the item must be entered in 'Item. Open Service Supplement' (SOS001).

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to configure an item for processing as an individual item.

  1. Select 'Item. Open Service Supplement' (SOS001).

  2. Select the item to be configured.

  3. Enter 1 in field Ind item mngmnt.

  4. Enter 1 in field Ind item no del or in field Ind item no rec. The field used depends on whether the individual items will be created for receipt (return) or delivery (as substitute) transactions.

  5. Specify an existing individual item in field Ind item templ. This template can then be used when generating individual items.

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