Update Individual Item Automatically

This procedure is used to automatically update individual items when they are delivered or returned

Before you start

Before you begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

To fulfill the prerequisites above, one of the programs for delivery or return processing will be in use. Follow the steps below to automatically update the individual item(s) being processed.

  1. Specify the appropriate option to automatically create an individual item. This will call ‘Individual Item. Create Auto’ (SOS160). The item number, transaction type, and quantity are displayed. Necessary initial information is specified in panel E.

  2. Enter 1 in field Upd ind items.

  3. Necessary detailed information is specified in panel F. Information entered in the program for delivery or return processing will already be displayed in this panel. The customer number for owner, customer number for location, address ID and individual item status can all be changed. Create the individual item header.

  4. Call ‘Individual Item. Update Auto’ (SOS161) using either the panel sequence or option 11 = Lines. Manually specify the individual items to be updated. These are then checked to ensure they are entered in the individual item file. At this stage in processing these items have status 40, signifying they are manually created in the temporary file. Information proposed for these individual items is retrieved from the individual item file and the individual item header. If this retrieved information is changed, then this is signified by a status change to 50.

  5. After the changes are approved, the individual items are updated to the individual item file using option 13 = Crt ind items or F14 = Create all. When the individual items are entered in the individual item file, their status becomes 60.

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