Configure Item for Replacement

This procedure is used to supplement an item with information necessary for it to be processed for replacement and return.

Before you start

Before you begin, an item must be entered in 'Item. Open Service Supplement' (SOS001).

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to add information to an item:

  1. Select 'Item. Open Service Supplement' (SOS001).

  2. Select to change the desired item.

  3. Enter 1 in field Exchange processing.

  4. Specify how the exchange price will be calculated. Entering 0 requires that an amount be entered in field Exchange price. 1 requires that a percentage be entered in field Exchange price percentage.

  5. Specify whether the item will be processed for return in field Return processing.

  6. Specify the warehouse and location for the return put-away. The field to be filled in depends on the code entered in field Return processing.

  7. Specify the number of days that can pass before the item is returned. If field Return time is blank, then the return date is calculated automatically.


Item A is supplemented with the following information:

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