Enter Service Quotation Header

This procedure is used to create a header for a service quotation. This header contains information used in monitoring. Normally, when this is completed, the service assignments and necessary service order lines for quotation should also be specified. See procedures Create Service Assignment and Create Service Order Lines.

Before you start

As a prerequisite, a service order type with order category 4 must be created.

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to enter a service quotation header.

  1. Select SOS100/A.

  2. Specify a quotation number for the service quotation, if using manual numbering. If this field is left blank, a quotation number from the number series in the service order type is automatically entered.

  3. Specify the service order type to be used. The service order type must have order category 4, which signifies service quotation.

  4. Complete entry as described in procedure Enter Service Order Header. At the end of that procedure, an extra panel appears to complete service quotation header entry. The quotation information must be filled in this panel.

  5. When entry is completed, the program returns to the opening panel.

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