Information per Individual Item

This process is used to enter, update or display important information about an individual item. Although different information versions and dates might be available, only one version is the current version.

Before you start

The process can be started when at least one individual item is defined and basic data for individual item information is entered.

Follow these steps

The process is started when option 13 = Information is specified for an individual item in 'Individual Item. Open' (SOS419). The information can also be displayed using options in other programs, such as option 13 = Information in 'Individual Item. Display' (SOS550). In this case, only information belonging to the current or latest information version is displayed.

  1. Entering and Maintaining Information Version

    Information versions are entered manually in 'Individual Item. Connect Info Versions' (SOS270). This is accessed by specifying option 13 = Individual item info in 'Individual Item. Open' (SOS419).

    After the information version is entered, a suitable template is searched. Information structures are used as templates. They can be connected to an item, item group, product group, individual item group or be generic for all individual items. When a suitable template is found, all information blocks with related information IDs are copied to the individual item.

    When an information ID is copied to the individual item, a default value that may be connected to the ID is searched for. If one is found, it is also copied.

    An information version can be locked, making it a current version. This is done by using option 19 = Lock info. If a new information version is later created, all information from the current version will be copied to the new version.

  2. Maintaining Information Blocks per Individual Item

    All information blocks for the individual item and the selected information version are displayed. Also, new information blocks can be added or old ones deleted. If a new block is added, all information IDs belonging to this block will be copied to the individual item.

  3. Maintaining Information Values per Individual Item

    All information IDs and information values for the selected information version are displayed. If an option is specified in front of an information line, lines belonging to that line's information block are displayed. To facilitate updating information values, it is also possible to use full-screen entry.

    The specified information IDs and related information values can be used for making selections in 'Individual Item. Display' (SOS550). This program displays the individual items that have information IDs and values that were specified as selections in the program.

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