Individual Item - Generate

This process is used to create or update an individual item from a specified item when that item is either received or issued.

Before you start

The process can be started when the item specified is configured for individual item processing as described in procedure Configure Individual Item.


One or more individual items is generated or updated when using this process.

Follow these steps

This procedure includes these activities.

  1. Delivering/Receiving Item

    This activity starts when an item fulfilling the prerequisites above is specified for receiving or delivery. For this, the quantity must also be specified. Using an option or the panel sequence the appropriate program is displayed to generate or update individual items.

  2. Creating Individual Item Header

    Whether the individual item is generated or updated, it must be specified in the individual item header. The header must also contain the values to be proposed when the individual item is either generated or updated.

    1. Generate Individual Item

      If the individual item will be generated, then the format for the individual item number and serial number must be specified. These name settings are possible:

      • No format - the sequence number obtained is from a number series of type 45.
      • Numerical value - the sequence number obtained starts at the value specified.
      • Alphanumeric value - this is not a proper serial number. Here, the alphanumeric value specified is retained on all individual items generated, but these must be changed later to identify each separate individual item.
      • Alphanumeric prefix with ‘-’ specified - this is not a proper serial number either. The alphanumeric prefix is used, but with a sequence number following, for example, ABC-1, ABC-2, etc.

      The individual item header is also used to specify whether a template will be used. A template for individual items is one that is already entered containing information proposed each time a new individual item is created.

      • Creating Individual Item Proposal

        In this activity, individual items for the quantity of received or delivered individual items are already created in a temporary file. Names for these individual items depend on the information contained in the individual item header. Also, the basic information for these individual items depends on their format and/or the template used as described above. This information can be changed before the individual item is generated.

      • Creating Individual Item

        When name and information are accepted, the individual item is generated.

    2. Update Individual Item

      When the individual item will be updated, it is possible to change the customer number of the owner and location, address ID, and individual item status.

      • Specifying Individual Item

        Individual items to be updated (as specified in the header, see above) are selected manually. Information for these individual items is retrieved from the master individual item file or the individual item header. These individual items can be changed in this activity. When they are then updated, the master individual item file will be changed too.

      • Updating Individual Item

        Updating is done using an option or function key.


Assume three pieces of item A are specified for delivery. Using an option, a program for creating individual items is called. The user specifies in the individual item header that the serial number will start at 100 and the individual item number at IND-100 - . A template named TEMP is specified as well. Three individual items are proposed automatically. These are identified with name and serial number: IND- 100-1, 100; IND- 100-2, 101; IND- 100-3, 102.

Each individual item contains information from the template, which is then supplemented as appropriate. They are then entered into the master individual file using a function key.

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