Service Quotation

This process is used to create a service quotation, track it, and after acceptance transfer it to a service order.

The process starts when a service order of the type quotation is entered. The service quotation is processed from entry to acceptance and subsequently the creation of a service order. The service quotation's status indicates its progress in the process flow.

Before you start

The process can be started when the following prerequisites have been met:

Follow these steps

  1. Entering Service Quotation

    Service quotations are entered in 'Service Order. Open' (SOS100).

    Service quotations are identified by their own service order number. If this number is left blank when the service quotation is created, the next available number from the number series in the service order type is automatically proposed.

    Service quotations are entered in the same way as normal service orders are entered. For more information on this, see Service Orders. Status and tracking information are included in the service quotation.

  2. Printing Service Quotation

    Service quotations are printed using 'Service Quotation. Print' (SOS260) for distribution to the customer. Note, that printing the service quotation does not change its status and is not necessary for further processing. However, there can only be one original printed of any service quotation. Additional printouts must be made as copies.

  3. Tracking Service Quotation

    The service quotation can be tracked through all stages. Its status is changed during processing up to acceptance or rejection. The reasons for rejection can also be specified.

  4. Transferring to Applicable Service Order

    A service order is created by copying the service quotation. This changes the service quotation's status.

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