Enter Meter Price Schedule-Type 01

This document explains how you enter a meter price schedule-price schedule type 01. This price schedule is used for meter invoicing agreements with stepped ranges and invoicing in arrears.

In this more general schedule defined per contract item, prices for up to six different invoice meters can be entered. When the contract item is then used in an agreement line, for example, only the prices for the invoice meters used by the individual item in the agreement line will be copied.

Price schedule type 01 can be used to invoice used units that extend over more than one quantity limit. This means that several lines will be invoiced using different prices per unit.


Stepped ranges for units used for different invoice meters are entered. Also, the prices during crediting are defined.


When a contract item with this meter price schedule is used in an agreement, the schedule's header and lines will be copied automatically to the agreement. The prices can later be adjusted for each agreement or agreement line.

How the System Is Affected

The following files are updated:

Before you start

A contract item with price schedule type 05 must be entered in 'Contract Item. Open' (SAS450). This contract item may not have been previously connected to a meter price schedule.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Contract Item. Open' (SAS450/B1).

  2. Select a contract item on the list and press F12='Mtr price sched' to enter the schedule for the contract item.

    'Contract Item. Update Meter Prices' (SAS451) is displayed.

  3. Enter price schedule type 01 for the contract item and select New.

  4. On the E panel, enter the prices to be used when crediting units are used.

    These prices may be entered for up to six different invoice meters. You only need to enter prices for the invoice meters used to invoice the individual items.

  5. Press Enter to open 'Contract Item. Update Meter Price Scale' (SAS452). On the E panel, enter prices for the units used for invoice meters 1–6.

  6. Enter the invoice meter for which the price is to apply.

  7. Enter the lower limit needed in order for the specified price per unit to apply. Enter 0 as the quantity limit for the first record.

  8. Enter the price for this quantity limit. This price will apply until a new limit is reached. Repeat steps 5–7 for the same invoice meter if different prices for different quantities are used.

  9. Press Enter to return to the B1 panel, or Press F3 to return to (SAS450).

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