Enter Agreement Type

This procedure is used to create agreement types used to differentiate and regulate different kinds of agreements. The contents of the agreement types for service agreements are also defined, such as materials and labor.

Before you start

Before you can begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to enter agreement types.

  1. Select 'Service Agrmt Type. Open' (SAS410).

  2. Enter an ID and name for the agreement type.

  3. Specify a standard value for response time if the agreement type is a service agreement.

  4. Specify standard values for the invoicing method, validity type, travel type and invoicing interval.

  5. Classify the agreement type as a service and/or rental agreement. The classification is significant for pricing the agreement. If the agreement type is rental only or the included items do not need to be defined, then go to step 7.

  6. Specify option 11 = Agt contents for the agreement type and specify the agreement contents. For example, enter 3 if certain item groups should or should not be included, and then enter each item group. After your entries are made, the opening panel is displayed.

  7. Return to the menu if no more agreement types need to be entered.

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