Generate Agreement from Agreement Quotation

This procedure is used to generate a final agreement from an agreement quotation.

Before You Start

Before you can begin, an agreement order type for a normal agreement must be created.

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to generate an agreement from an agreement quotation.

  1. Select 'Service Agrmt. Open' (SAS100).

  2. Copy the agreement quotation to be processed.

  3. Specify the agreement number. If the field is left blank, the agreement number is retrieved from a number series specified in the agreement order type.

  4. Specify the desired agreement order type for normal agreements.

  5. To transfer the entire agreement quotation to a normal agreement, enter 1 in fields Copy site and Copy agr lines. Otherwise, only the agreement quotation header will be transferred.

  6. Using the panel sequence, specify the detail panels to be displayed when the agreement quotation header is copied.Note that if 5 is specified in the panel sequence, only the agreement quotation header will be copied. However, in this case, 'Service Agrmt. Connect Customer Site' (SAS110) will be displayed with the agreement number already in the copy field. In this way, pressing Enter will call a special program to copy agreement sites and agreement lines.

  7. Make your changes. If no changes are made, the values from the agreement quotation will be used.

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