Generate Agreement Order

This procedure is used to create an agreement order from agreement lines to be invoiced.

Before you start

Before you can begin, there must be an agreement that can be invoiced. There must be at least one agreement line qualified for invoicing. In order for the line to be qualified, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to generate an agreement order.

  1. Select program 'Service Agrmt. Create SO for Invoice' (SAS600).

  2. Determine the time period by specifying the next order date.

  3. Make a selection for the agreement lines to be processed.

  4. To obtain a report, enter 1 in the Print field.


After using this procedure, an agreement order is created for the selections made. Each agreement normally becomes a service order, and each location a service assignment. The service assignment lines correspond to the agreement lines to be invoiced.


You wish to invoice a service agreement in advance for invoicing interval 971001-971231 (in this case, the date is entered as YYMMDD).

The next order date should be entered as 970930. All agreement lines having a next order date earlier than 970930 will then be processed.

For advance invoicing, a new next order date is always calculated automatically after invoicing is completed. The next order date thus becomes the start date of the new invoicing interval minus the number of credit days according to the payment terms.

In this example, the next order date will be 970901 for an agreement line with an invoicing interval of 971001-971231 assuming that the credit period as stated in the payment terms is 30 days.

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