Generate Preventive Service Order

This procedure is used to create preventive service orders or proposals for preventive service assignments from agreement lines containing individual items to be serviced.

Before you start

Before you begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to generate a preventive service order.

  1. Select program ‘Service Agrmt. Create SO for Prevent Srv’ (SAS610).

  2. Select simulation or update. Specify whether or not to print the result.

  3. Specify the time period to be processed in field Next order date.

  4. Make any other selections for the agreement lines to be included.


After using this procedure, proposals for preventive service assignments are simulated or created for the selections made. Depending on the parameters for the agreement line, the proposals can either be immediately converted into service assignments or remain as proposals. In the first case, a service order is created for each agreement site, and each service activity becomes a service assignment for that service order.


All preventive service to be carried out by Service Manager AAA up to 970331 is to be simulated and printed in a report.

Enter 0 in field Update and 1 in field Print. By entering 970331 in field Next order date, all standing preventive service activities are first processed for agreement lines with a next order date earlier than the date specified. The standing service activities are used to create preventive service activities.

Each service activity created from the standing activity is assigned the next order date for preventive service, which indicates when this activity is planned to be performed. When the activity is created, the next order date for the standing activity is moved forward. If this date is still earlier than or the same as 970331, a new preventive service activity is created.

At this point, a complete simulation cannot be performed; instead, simulation must be performed for agreement lines with preventive service according to preventive service intervals. This is done by entering 1 in the Preventive Service field.

After all the selected standing activities are processed, all the preventive service activities created are used to create assignment proposals for preventive service. The service activities used for this purpose are activities created from standing activities and activities entered manually. Manually entered activities are ones that should be performed on a specific date and that have been entered in program ‘Service Agrmt. Connect Prevent Activity’ (SAS131). Activities with a next order date earlier than or the same as 970331 can be processed.

Since simulation and printing were selected earlier, all assignment proposals will be printed and then deleted afterwards. When updating and printing are selected instead, the proposals are printed and can then be processed or released in program ‘Planned Service Order. Open’ (SOS570). The proposals can only be processed manually if the immediate creation of service orders was not specified.

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