Crediting and Adjusting Agreement Invoice - Method 1

This process is used to credit or adjust an agreement invoice after invoicing. Individual lines or the entire invoice can be credited.

There are two methods for crediting an agreement invoice. The first method is described in Crediting and Adjusting Agreement Invoice - Method 2 The second method means that the invoiced agreement lines to be credited can be selected in 'Meter. Display/Update History' (SOS340). In this case, an agreement order is produced automatically for crediting. The invoicing interval, etc are then reset for the agreement lines. If the credit is for meter invoicing, it is possible to both credit the previous invoice and reinvoice based on new conditions.

Before you start

The process can be started when an agreement order has been invoiced, and the invoice must be credited or adjusted.

Crediting can also be done using options in 'Meter. Display/Update History' (SOS340). This program displays invoiced agreement lines only if the Update meter history parameter is set to 1 for the service order type used for agreement invoicing. Otherwise, no records are created in the meter history during agreement invoicing.

Follow these steps

  1. Working with Agreement Invoices and Meter History

    'Meter. Display/Update History' (SOS340) contains sorting order 7, which displays the agreement invoices for an individual item. By selecting an agreement invoice, an agreement order can be produced in order to 1) credit the agreement line and reset the agreement line values (option 15) or 2) credit the agreement line and reinvoice it based on the new conditions (option 16). The first alternative can be used for both regular agreement invoicing and meter invoicing, while the second can only be used during meter invoicing.

    When an invoiced agreement line is selected using one of the above options, all invoiced lines belonging to the same invoice number are displayed. Then, individual lines can be credited or all lines in the invoice can be credited.

    To credit meter invoicing and reinvoice using option 16, the agreement price, meter readings, etc. should first be corrected.

  2. Invoicing Agreement Orders

    When the above options are used in program SOS340, an agreement order ready for invoicing is automatically generated. The invoicing is done in 'SO Invoice. Print' (SOS180).


Assume incorrect prices per meter unit were used during meter invoicing.

Program SOS340 should be used to credit and reinvoice these agreement lines. First, the incorrect prices are changed for each meter unit in the agreement. When sorting order 7 and option 12 are then used in this program, an agreement invoice order will be created for crediting and reinvoicing these lines. This agreement invoice order is later invoiced in program 'SO Invoice. Print' (SOS180).

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