Crediting and Adjusting Agreement Invoice - Method 2

This process is used to credit or adjust an agreement invoice after invoicing. Individual lines or the entire invoice can be credited.

There are two methods for crediting an agreement invoice. First, the agreement lines can be manually changed and reinvoiced. In this case a credit is first done and then reinvoicing with the new price.

The second method is described in Crediting and Adjusting Agreement Invoice - Method 1.

Before you start

The process can be started when an agreement order has been invoiced and that the invoice must be credited or adjusted.

Crediting can also be done using options in program 'Meter. Display/ Update History' (SOS340). This program displays invoiced agreement lines only if parameter Update meter history is set to 1 for the service order type used for agreement invoicing. Otherwise, no records are created in the meter history during agreement invoicing.

Follow these steps

  1. Updating Agreement Lines

    Agreement lines to be credited or adjusted must have their invoicing interval reset before processing. When making a credit, a negative quantity must be entered in the agreement lines (to offset the invoiced quantity). If the entire agreement price will not be credited or adjusted, the agreement price in the agreement line must be changed.

    There are two ways to prepare the credit or adjustment of an agreement line. Either an existing agreement line is changed, or a new line is entered solely to provide a basis for the credit or adjustment.

    When creating a new agreement line the validity period and invoicing interval are given the same value, so the agreement lines are invoiced only once. Afterwards, the correct values are entered in the original agreement lines to avoid the need to credit or adjust future invoices.

    Agreement lines used to generate agreement orders for crediting or adjustment should be updated with a next order date, in order to differentiate them from agreement lines which will not be processed.

  2. Agreement Invoicing

    Agreement orders are generated from agreement lines to be credited or adjusted. These agreement orders are then invoiced, as described in Invoicing Service Agreements. If new agreement lines were created for only crediting or adjustment, then no further activities need be performed in this process.

  3. Updating Agreement Line

    When the credit or adjustment is made by changing a current agreement line, it must be updated after agreement invoicing. Entries for invoicing range start and end date, next order date, quantity and agreement price must all be updated.

    Start and end dates for the invoicing range are automatically moved forward in connection with agreement invoicing. However, this may need to be reset, in order for a new invoicing to be carried out according to the invoicing range from before the credit or adjustment was made.

    Since the two are related, when the invoicing range start and end dates is change, then the next order date usually needs to be changed.

    The quantity must be changed to positive if it was entered as a negative for crediting.

    The agreement price must be changed to reflect the correct price if the invoiced agreement price has been adjusted.

  4. Agreement Invoicing

    When the entire agreement price for an agreement line has been credited, it may be necessary to make an additional agreement invoice order to include the corrected agreement price. For more information, see Invoicing Service Agreements.


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