Preventive Service Orders

This process is used to generate orders for preventive service from agreement lines and to update the agreement with information concerning when next to generate a preventive service order.

During the generation, service assignment proposals can be created. These can be reviewed and then converted into service orders with assignments for preventive service. Service assignments can also be created immediately without any manual review or processing.

Preventive service orders can also be simulated, without any updating.

Before you start

The process can be started when basic data for preventive service is entered. See Basic Data for Preventive Service.

The following prerequisites must be met for the agreement line:

Follow these steps

The process includes all steps from generating or simulating preventive service orders to updating the agreement line being processed.

  1. Creating Preventive Service Order

    Preventive service orders are created in 'Service Agrmt. Create SO for Prevent Srv' (SAS610). The user creates them by making selections on the agreements and time horizons (next order dates) to be processed.

    Preventive service activities are then created for the time horizon specified, based on the standing service activities defined per agreement line. These standing activities can be carried out according to the date or meter value intervals, and are defined in 'Service Agrmt. Connect Prevent Service' (SAS130).

    If preventive service activities have been updated manually per agreement line in 'Service Agrmt. Connect Prevent Activity' (SAS131), then they will be used.

    The preventive service activities are later used to create proposals for preventive service assignments. These proposals can then automatically generate preventive service orders.

    Simulations can be printed in order to review preventive service assignments before they are created.

  2. Generating Service Assignment Proposal

    If update was selected when generating preventive service orders, then a service assignment proposal for each preventive service activity is created. This proposal can be reviewed in 'Planned Service Order. Open' (SOS570).

    This report displays the preventive service assignments created. If you chose to immediately create preventive service orders from proposals, then the service order numbers and assignment numbers are displayed.

  3. Generating Preventive Service Order

    Proposals for preventive service assignments can automatically generate preventive service orders. A service order is created for each agreement site and contains one or more assignments which were created by the assignment proposals. Alternatively, it can be specified in the agreement line that only proposals should be created. In this case, the proposals must be manually released for conversion into preventive service orders using the appropriate options/function keys in 'Planned Service Order. Open' (SOS570).


Assume a service agreement covers service to individual item A. Preventive service is to be done every third month. This preventive service is connected to an alias number. Items and service expenses are connected to the alias number. The next order date for preventive service is March 1.

All this information is entered in program 'Service Agrmt. Connect Prevent Service' (SAS130), which is accessed by specifying option 13 = Prev service for the agreement line. In this program, standing preventive service activities to be carried out on a regular basis can be entered. In the agreement line in 'Service Agrmt. Open Lines' (SAS120), it was specified that preventive service should be carried out and service orders should be created immediately.

When generating preventive service orders, March 10 is entered as the next order date during the processing of this agreement. A preventive service order is created for individual item A's site along with a service assignment for individual item A.

Lines for the service assignment are created according to the alias number connected, as described above for individual item A. The planned start date for the preventive service is set for March 1.

The new next order date for preventive service (three months ahead) is entered in the agreement lines when the preventive service order is created. That is, the agreement lines are updated to June 1.

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