Invoicing Service Agreements

This process is used to invoice service agreements.

Before you start

The process can be started when an agreement is entered with at least one agreement line qualified for invoicing. An agreement line is qualified for invoicing when the following prerequisites are met:

Follow these steps

The process includes generating agreement orders, invoicing these and updating relevant statistics. Generated agreement orders can also be reset in the process. The following activities are included in invoicing service agreements:

  1. Generating Agreement Order

    Agreement orders are generated in 'Service Agrmt. Create SO for Invoice' (SAS600). The agreements and time horizon to be processed are specified. The information records for the agreement order to be invoiced are created in this activity.

    Printing Agreement Order

    The agreement orders generated and the calculated amounts to be paid can be reviewed in a report before the final invoicing decision.

  2. Reset - Generating Agreement Order

    If a generated agreement order has incorrect information, it can be reset in 'Service Agrmt. Reset Created SO' (SAS620). One or more agreement orders in the process can be deleted in this way. Agreement lines with incorrect information can then be corrected, for example, by inserting new agreement prices or an invoicing range before a new agreement order is generated.

  3. Invoicing Agreement Order

    Generated agreement orders are invoiced in program 'SO Invoice. Print' (SOS180). When the invoices are printed, the invoicing statistics are updated as well as certain information in the affected agreements. Information updated in those agreements includes the new invoicing interval and next order date, which regulates when the next invoicing will occur for the agreement.


Assume a rental agreement covering individual item A. Advance invoices are sent every three months with payment terms of 30 days. The agreement line has invoicing interval October 1 - December 31 and the next order date is September 1.

If October 1 is specified as the time horizon for the agreement lines to be generated into an agreement order, an order will be generated since the next order date for the rental agreement is September 1. If desired, a report of generated agreement orders can be printed and in this case would include this order.

Information in the report concerning the rental agreement is checked. In the next activity the generated agreement order is invoiced. When the invoice for rental of individual item A is printed, the rental agreement is updated with a new invoicing interval of January 1 - March 31, and next order date of December 2.

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