Create Service Agreements

This process is used to create agreements for service, warranty and rental of individual items.

Before you start

The process can be started when basic data for agreements is entered. See supporting functions Basic Data for Service Agreement and Basic Data for Preventive Service.

Follow these steps

  1. Entering Agreement Header

    Agreements are entered in 'Service Agreement. Open' (SAS100). The agreement order type, customer number for payer, terms and other information are all entered. The agreement number can be entered manually or automatically retrieved from an agreement number series in the agreement order type.

    Most information specified in the detail panels within the agreement header are not mandatory. Rather, it is used only as proposals for agreement sites connected to the agreement.

    To connect the agreement to a price index in order to later index agreement prices, the index and index values should be entered in the agreement header. See Price Adjustment of Service Agreement.

    A flag for agreement renewal should be turned on if the agreement should be possible to update/renewal automatically when the agreement is close to expire.

    Using different options in 'Service Agreement. Open' (SAS100), charges, documents and pre- and post-texts in the agreement header can be entered. The contents of the agreement can also be specified if different from what the agreement type indicates.

  2. Entering Agreement Site

    Agreements sites connected to an agreement header must be defined using option 15 = Sites in 'Service Agreement. Open' (SAS100). Each newly entered agreement site retrieves proposals for the following from the agreement header: validity period, invoicing interval, agreement type.

    The agreement site is defined by the customer number and the address (if any) where the individual item is located. The following can be specified for each agreement site: service manager, payer control, payer for any service included in the agreement.

    Using different options in 'Service Agreements. Connect Customer Site' (SAS110), charges and pre- and post-texts for the agreement site can be entered.

  3. Entering Agreement Line

    Agreement lines are connected to an agreement site using option 15 = Lines in 'Service Agreements. Connect Customer Site' (SAS110). Agreement lines retrieve the following values from the agreement site: validity period, invoicing interval, agreement type.

    Individual items included in the agreement are specified. For each individual item the following are specified: agreement type, validity period, invoicing interval, agreement price of the product, how invoicing service agreements is to occur. Price proposals can be automatically retrieved from the agreement type, predefined contract item referring to the specified individual item, and response time. For more information see Pricing Service Agreements.

    Preventive service to be performed on the individual item in the agreement line can also be specified. For more information see Basic Data for Preventive Service and Preventive Service Orders.

    Using different options in 'Service Agreement. Open Lines' (SAS120) pre- and post-texts and preventive service activities can be specified. The contents of the agreement can also be specified if different from what the agreement type or header indicates.

    For agreements invoiced based on meter usage, a price list per meter value is defined for each agreement or agreement line. See Meter Invoicing.

  4. Printing Agreement

    Agreement documents are printed in 'Service Agreement. Print' (SAS550). To print from 'Service Agreement. Open' (SAS100), use option 6 = Print.

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