Planning Service Assignment

This document explains how to plan a Service Assignment.

The Service Assignment plan provides the planned Service Assignment information, based on the availability of resources such as a Service Manager, Technician, items etc.

Use this document when you have a new service assignment that you need to plan.


A finalized service assignment plan is created. The respective Technician is assigned and informed about the service assignment.

A Service Assignment contains assignment-specific information, such as how errors are manifested, when errors are reported, the person responsible for ensuring that repairs are carried out, and planned schedules for starting and completing the Service Assignment.

You can use the service assignment plan to:

Refer to documents listed in the See Also section for more information on how the system is affected.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Planning Assignments for a Technician

    Whenever the customer call is logged, the service call status is checked. A Service Order is created in 'Service Order. Open' (SOS100) and a Service Assignment is created in 'Service Order. Open Assignment' (SOS110).

    The required resources for the Service Assignment are allocated in:

    • 'Service Order. Open Assignment' (SOS110) or in
    • 'Service Assignment. Plan' (SOS475).

    The required resources and skills are matched with the availability of resources, such as Service Managers, Technicians, items, geographical areas, etc. The required skills and resources are matched with:

    • Equipment model or individual equipment
    • Service Expense on Service Order
    • Error symptom
    • Error cause

    The earliest and latest response time are determined using the available time, calendar, leave, and other service assignments. The customer's geographical location is matched with the Technician (alternative Technicians can also be selected). The selected Technician is confirmed in 'Service Assignment. Plan' (SOS475).

    The Service Assignment can also be re-scheduled for alternative Technicians, using 'Service Assignment. Re-allocate' (SOS290).

    Detailed planning of service assignments can then be performed in 'Service Assignment. Open Gantt Chart' (SOS485).

  2. Send Assignment to Technician

    Once the Service Agreement has been invoiced in 'SO Invoice. Print' (SOS180), the Service Assignment is dispatched to the confirmed Technician by e-mail or by a GSM message.

  3. Supply Spare Parts

    Once the Technician is confirmed, the spare parts required to perform the task are determined, by considering the following parameters:

    • Van Stock
    • Delivery from central warehouse
    • Direct Purchase
  4. Start Assignment

    The Assignment is started once the Technician actually starts working on the task (task dates are updated).

  5. Carry Out Service

    The Technician travels to the customer site and carries out the tasks as defined in the Service Assignment.

    The inventory and account statistics are updated, after the Service Assignment status is updated in 'Service Assignment. Report' (SOS660).

  6. Finish Assignment

    The Service Assignment is completed and reported in 'Service Assignment. Report' (SOS660). Only Service Assignments that have been reported as completed or partially completed can be invoiced.

    Select 'Service Assignment. Report' (SOS660) to report the completion of the Service Assignment.

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