Enter Tax Code for Individual Item

This document explains how you enter a tax code per individual item.

Use this document when you want to enter a tax code for an individual item. The tax code is relevant for divisions where US Sales Tax is used.


The tax code is entered for the individual item.

The following tables are updated when a tax code is entered for individual items:

Individual items are used when entering Service Orders, Service Agreements, Service Assignments, and Rental Agreements. The tax code is used in Vertex to ensure correct tax calculations.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Individual Item. Open' (SOS419/B1).

  2. Select an individual item for which you want to enter a tax code and select Open to display the E panel.

    The panel sequence must be set to E.

  3. Enter the appropriate tax code and click Next to finish.

Parameters to set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
SOS419/E Tax Code

...the integration of the Vertex solution for US Sales and Tax Calculation in M3 BE.

When the SO (rental invoice order) is invoiced, the tax is calculated using Vertex. The Vertex solution is used only when US Sales Tax is relevant for the division, meaning that the Tax Method field= 2 or 3 in 'Company. Connect Division' (MNS100/G).

The Tax Code is retrieved according to the following hierarchy:

  • For sales lines (line type 1, 2, 6), the tax code is retrieved from 'Item. Open' (MMS001).
  • For rental lines (line type 5, 7, 8), the tax code is retrieved from 'Individual Item. Open' (SOS419).

The Tax Code can also be changed manually per line.

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