Processing Automatic Allocation for Service Order

This document explains how technicians can be allocated automatically to a service assignment during service order entry.


The automatic allocation of a service technician has been set up. A service technician is allocated for a service assignment based on:


Automatic allocation of a service technician is used during service order registration to assign a technician.

If no technician is available or no technician qualifies for the assignment, the service assignment is sent to a predefined technician or the service manager.

Before you start

A technician must exist in 'Person. Open' (CRS530).

Follow These Steps

  1. Set the priority order

    Select in which order M3 is to search for service technicians for a service assignment. If no technician is qualified or all technicians are occupied, a default technician or service manager is allocated to the assignment.

    You decide the search order for technicians in 'Settings - Auto Technician Allocation' (SOS975).

  2. Create qualifications

    Enter the qualifications that are required for a service assignment.

    The qualifications can be connected to an individual item, service expense, service kit, item, action or error symptom.

    You enter these qualifications in 'Serv Qualification. Open' (SOS490).

  3. Connect qualification to an individual item

    If a certain qualification is required to repair or perform service on the machine, connect the qualification to an individual item.

    You connect service qualifications to an individual item in 'Serv Qualification. Connect to ID' (SOS494).

  4. Create a geographic area

    Enter a geographic area that corresponds with the service department's geographic location.

    You enter the geographic area in 'Geographic Area. Open' (SOS491).

  5. Connect qualification to a geographic area

    Connect one or more qualifications to the geographic area where technicians who posses the qualifications exist.

    You connect the qualification to a geographic area in 'Serv Qualification. Connect to Geo Area' (SOS493).

  6. Connect technician to a geographic area

    Connect a technician to the geographic area where the field service will be performed.

    You connect the technician to a geographic area in 'Technician. Connect Geographic Area' (SOS492).

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