Processing Price List for Service and Rentals

This document explains how you create and update a price list for a specific customer.


A price list has been created for a specific customer. The price list contains prices that have been copied or manually entered for service items, service expenses, contract items or rental items.

The price list is used for pricing work, service material and rental rates during agreement and order registration.

Processing a price list updates the following fields:

Follow These Steps

  1. Create Price List Header

    You enter price list header when a new price list is needed.

    This could be

    • During price promotions
    • When a new customer is created
    • When new items, service expenses, contract items or rental prices are introduced.

    The price list is entered per customer and for specific period of validity.

    You enter price list headers in 'Serv Price List. Open' (SOS017).

  2. Update or Enter Price Records

    Choose from one of the following alternatives:

    • Mass Update of Price List Records

      Copy an existing price list for a new customer or a validity period when the price records are for the same items, service expenses, contract items or rental prices.

      The prices for a selection of price records can be indexed with general percentage amount. Both price and price matrix are copied for the price record.

      You copy the price list for

      • Service expenses, contract items and rental rates in 'Serv Price List. Update Contr/Serv Items' (SOS020)
      • Items in 'Serv Price List. Update Items' (SOS026).
    • Manual Entry of Price Records

      Enter the price records manually for a price list when the price list contains:

      • New items
      • A few records.

      You enter the price list manually in 'Serv Price List. Update Contr/Serv Items' (SOS017).

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