Generate Preventive Service Order from Service Agreement

This document explains how you generate preventive service orders from preventive service activities.


Depending on the settings, preventive service activities for an individual item generate one of the following:

The list of simulated preventive service assignment proposals is used to plan field service assignments for technicians.

The service technician who carries out the field service uses the preventive service assignments that have been generated.

The following files are updated during the generation of preventive service assignments:

Before You Start

A service agreement for an individual item with preventive service activities must exist in 'Service Agrmt. Open Lines' (SAS120).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Service Agrmt. Create SO for Prevent Srv' (SAS610).

  2. Select whether the preventive service schedule is to be updated in the Update field.

    The valid alternatives are:

    0 = No update should be made

    1 = An update should be made

    If this field is not activated, the generation of the preventive service activities is only simulated.

  3. Select whether to print the result of the selected activities as a list of generated service activities in the Print field.

    The valid alternatives are:

    0 = No, do not print

    1 = Yes, print.

  4. Enter the date up to which preventive service activities are to generate service assignments in the 'Next order date' field.

    This field is used to select the preventive service activities that will generate assignment proposals.

  5. Enter the selection criteria for service activities in (SAS130) that are to be included in the generation of preventive service assignments in the following from and to fields:

    • Service manager
    • Technician
    • Agreement no
    • Customer site
    • Address no
    • Individual item number
    • Agreement type.
  6. Enter the sorting order for the selection criteria and page break during printing in the 'Sorting order' and 'Page break' fields.

    A sorting order must be entered if more than one selection criterion is entered. A page break on the printout is only used together with a sorting order.

  7. Press Enter to generate one of the following:

    • A valid service order
    • A service assignment proposal
    • A simulation of preventive service activities.
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