Processing Preventive Service Order

This document explains how a service order with a service assignment is generated from a service agreement with preventive service. The service order can be either created directly, saved as a planned service order or only simulated.


When the process is finished one of the following has been generated from the service agreement with preventive service activities:


The preventive service order is used by the service technician to plan field service for customers with preventive service agreements.

The service assignments can be generated several months in advance with detailed information about the:

How the System Is Affected

The following files are updated when service activities are created for a service agreement and a service is generated from these activities:

Before you start

Before the process is started the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow These Steps

  1. Creating preventive service activities

    The preventive service activities are entered for each individual item covered by the service agreement. The interval for the recurrent preventive activities is based on time or meter readings.

    You enter the preventive service activities in 'Service Agrmt. Connect Prevent Service' (SAS130).

  2. Generating preventive service order

    The preventive service order is generated from the preventive service activities entered for each individual item in the service agreement. The number of service assignments that are generated depends on the:

    • Selection of service agreements
    • Time or meter interval.

    You generate service orders for preventive service in 'Service Agrmt. Create SO for Prevent Srv' (SAS610).

    If you want to update schedule, continue with Generating planned service order

    If you don't want to update schedule, continue with Printing simulation

  3. Generating planned service order

    A planned service assignment is generated for each service activity that meets the selection criteria in (SAS610). A service order is created for all service assignments with the same service location.

    The planned service order can be examined, printed and confirmed in 'Planned Service Order. Open' (SOS570).

  4. Printing simulation

    Simulations can be printed in order to review preventive service assignments before they are created.

  5. Printing planned order

    This report displays the preventive service assignments created. If you chose to immediately create preventive service orders from planned orders, then the service order numbers and assignment numbers are displayed.

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