Enter Estimation Price List

This document explains how you create an estimation price list for error symptoms.


A price list has been created for price estimations. The price list has been created with specific price records that include:

When the estimation price list is created the Price list estimation file (SPRICE) is updated.

The estimation price list is used to automatically create a price estimation before an individual item is repaired and serviced.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

Create price list header

  1. Start 'Serv Price List. Open' (SOS017).

  2. Enter the name of the new price list in the 'Price list' field.

  3. Select the currency for the price list in the Currency field.

  4. Enter the customer number if the price list will be customer specific.

  5. Specify from which date the price list will be valid.

  6. Restrict the access to change the price list by specifying an object access group.

    If a price list is connected to an access group, access is only granted to users who belong to a user group connected to that access group.

  7. Enter a descriptive name for the price list.

  8. Press Enter to save the price list header and return to (SOS017/B) and (SOS017/A).

Create estimation price records (SOS029)

  1. Use option 15 = Estimation to go to 'Service Price List. Enter Estimation' (SOS029) to enter estimation rates.

  2. Enter one or more of the following:

    • Individual item number – the estimation rate is unique for an individual item number.
    • Item group – the estimation rate is unique for an item group.
    • Error symptom – the estimation rate is unique for an error symptom.

      These three criteria can be combined to narrow the selection.

  3. Select "New" to go to the E panel.

Enter price and warranty range (SOS029/E)

  1. Enter the validity times for the warranty in the fields for warranty period.

  2. Enter the service expense for the repair or service in the 'Service expense' fields.

  3. Enter the estimate price for the different warranty ranges in the 'Estimate' fields.

  4. Press Enter to save the estimates and return to (SOS029/B) where you can enter new records.

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