Print and Release Estimation

This document explains how you create a price estimate for in-house repair, print it, send it to the customer and administer the customer reply. You create a price estimate when the customer wants to approve the repair before it is carried out.


The created and processed price estimate is used to:

The following files are updated when a service order is created from an estimation:

The processed estimation:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

Register price estimation from template

  1. Start 'Template Customer & Individual Item. Define' (SOS165).

  2. Register a price estimation according to the instructions in Enter Service Order for In-house Repair.

Print price estimation

  1. Start 'Price Estimation. Print' (SOS625).

  2. Enter the print selection in the fields.

  3. Enter a priority order.

  4. Activate the following fields:

    • 'Estimate' to print the estimation.
    • 'Estimate reminder' to print an estimation reminder.

      The estimation reminder is printed for the assignments where the number of days since the original estimate was printed exceeds the number stated in the 'Days since print' field.

    • 'New original' if a new original estimation is to be printed despite the fact that an original estimation has already been printed.
  5. Enter the number of days that must pass after the original estimation was printed until an estimation reminder is sent in the 'Days since print' field.

  6. Print the estimation and send it to the customer.

Release estimation after customer reply

  1. Start 'Service Assignment. Plan' (SOS475/B) or 'Customer Site. Display Assignments' (SOS115/B).

  2. Use option 24 = Release assignment to convert the service estimate into a valid service assignment.

    The service estimate has status 15; the released assignment has status 30.

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