Check Availability

This document explains how you make an availability check on an ordered item.


Items ordered from a warehouse that are to be used for a service assignment are automatically checked for availability.

If the ordered item is out of stock, or the quantity in the warehouse is less than has been ordered, the service technician will be alerted by the system. The service technician can then take counter measures, for example, by ordering, purchasing or distributing the item from another warehouse or by rescheduling the service assignment.

Before you start

To start this procedure, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Service Order. Open Line' (SOS120). Enter a service order line. If the ordered amount is available in the warehouse, the line is registered, otherwise the system starts 'Material Plan. Check Shortage – ATP' (MMS165).

    SOS120) is started by selecting option 15 in (SOS100) and then selecting option 15 in (SOS110).

    Depending on the settings in 'Service Order Type. Open' (SOS010), the ATP-panel (MMS165) is either always displayed, displayed when there is a shortage or never displayed.

    It is also possible to start (MMS165) by selecting option 13 on the SO-line (SOS120).

  2. Select one of the following:

    • To purchase the missing quantity, go to step 5.
    • To order the item from an alternative warehouse, go to step 3.
  3. Use F15 = Alternative warehouse to go to 'Sales Item Shortage. Change Warehouse' (OIS143).

  4. Select the new warehouse that the item is to be ordered from.

  5. Use option 16 = Procure to go to 'Service Order. Order Required Item' (SOS144). Select a line type.

    The valid alternatives are:

    0 = Normal order line.

    1 = Order line creates a purchase order connected to the service order line. During deliveries from the supplier, the service order is allocated automatically.

    2 = Order line creates a purchase order connected to the service order line, but with a delivery address according to the service order. This is for when direct delivery from the supplier to the customer has been requested. Using a phantom receipt, the service order line receives status 44 (reported).

    3 = Order line creates a distribution order connected to the service order line. The distribution is made from a specified supplying warehouse to the warehouse that is entered in the service order line. The delivery address is determined by the 'Address type' field. The address can be the address of the warehouse, customer site or a manually entered address.

    4 = Service kit - main line or detail line included in the kit. Line type 4 is set automatically.

  6. Check and if necessary change one or more of the fields 'Planned quantity,' 'Delivery date' and Warehouse, which specifies from where the items are to be ordered.

  7. Check and if necessary change one or more of the fields 'Distribution order,' 'Delivery address,' 'Planned quantity,' 'Planned delivery date,' Reference and 'Purchase price and discount.'

  8. Press Enter and F17 = Update to enter the updated service order line and return to (SOS120). Press Enter and F3 = Finish to return to (SOS110).

  9. Select option 18 to release the service order line and generate a distribution order. Press F3 = Finish.

    After the release, the distribution order number will be displayed in (SOS120/G). Adding "8" in the panel sequence for (SOS110) automatically releases the planned distribution order.

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