Availability Check

This document explains how an availability check is carried out in M3.


An automatic availability check is performed during order registration to detect any shortages of items used during service or repair.

An availability check is used to ensure that the ordered items can be delivered on time. If shortages are detected, these are handled by:

Before you start


  1. Entering service order line

    During service order registration, an automatic availability check is performed for the items on the service order line. Depending on the settings in the service order type, either 'Material Plan. Check Shortages ( ATP' (MMS165) is displayed automatically or you need to call the program manually with option 13 = Availability check.

  2. Availability check

    During the availability check, the system checks warehouse, delivery date and quantity for the service order line. If the items exist, the registration continues. If there is an item shortage, the availability check detects this, and the service order must be replanned.

  3. Replanning Service Assignment

    Replanning the service order line is done by

    • Changing the planned start date of the assignment
    • Ordering items to the warehouse in 'Service Order. Order Required Item' (SOS144)
    • Changing the warehouse in 'Sales Item Shortage. Change Warehouse' (OIS143).
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