Processing Service Orders for Field Service

This document explains how you process service and repairs on items appear on a service agreement. Service and repairs are carried out at the customer's site, so called field service.

You process service orders for field service when


One or more items has been serviced and/or repaired at a customer site.

The invoice for service has been sent to the customer.

When the service order is completed, the information is used for following up errors on items in 'Error Statistics. Print' (SOS540)

For more information on how the system is affected, refer to the respective subordinate processes.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Entering a Service Quotation

    Enter a service quotation when a customer reports an error on one or several items and wants to have a quotation before he or she approves the service and/or repair costs.

    You start data entry of a service quotation in 'Service Order. Open' (SOS100).

  2. Entering a Service Order

    Enter a service order when

    • The customer reports an error on one or several items
    • It is time for service on an item connected to an agreement with preventive service or
    • A quotation is approved by a customer.

    You create a service order in 'Service Order. Open' (SOS100), by either creating a new order or converting an approved quotation.

  3. Planning a Service Assignment

    Use 'Service Assignment. Plan' (SOS475) to review the service assignment and if necessary adjust scheduling or assign a service technician.

  4. Carrying Out a Service Assignment

    The service technician travels to the customer site, repairs the problem and performs service.

    This activity is not supported by M3.

  5. Reporting a Service Assignment

    Report the completed assignment in 'Service Assignment. Report' (SOS660). Only service assignments that have been reported as completed or partially complete can be invoiced.

  6. Invoicing a Service Order

    Invoice the service assignment in 'Service Quotation. Print' (SOS180). The accounting entries are transferred to the general ledger automatically.

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