Processing Quotations for Service Orders

This document explains how you enter, send and monitor a quotation for field and shop service.


A quotation, including price information for service and/or repairs, has been created. The quotation is monitored in 'Service Quotation. Open Info' (SOS250). Depending on whether the customer accepts or rejects the quotation:

The repairs and/or service costs for the item is presented to the customer for approval. If the customer

Service quotation header updates the file for Service quotation header (SOQOUH)

In addition, information is changed in the same files as are used during regular service order entry, that is:

When a quotation for service is converted to a service order, the service order type is replaced. The number series and status are changed to the ones on the valid service order. These changes occur mostly in the service order header file (SSHEAD).

Follow These Steps

  1. Create Service Order Quotation

    You can enter service quotation either from scratch or create it by copying a valid shop order. You do this in 'Service Order. Open' (SOS100) by selecting a service order type for the quotation.

    Print the service quotation from 'Service Quotation. Print' (SOS260).

  2. Deactivate Quotation

    If a quotation is rejected, you change the quotation status manually in 'Service Quotation. Open Info' (SOS250). You specify why the quotation did not result in an order to be able to follow up and run statistics.

  3. Convert Quotation into Valid Service Order,

    When a quotation is approved, you convert it into a valid service order in (SOS100/C). You do this by changing the service order type, among other things, from quotation to a valid shop or service order.

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