Invoicing Service Agreement

This document explains how you process an invoice for a service agreement.



After the service agreement has been invoiced:

How the System Is Affected

These files are affected when the service agreement is updated:

Before you start

Basic data for service agreements must have been entered. For more information, refer to these documents:

Follow These Steps

  1. Create Agreement Order

    Create an agreement order when the service agreement is to be invoiced. The agreement can be invoiced in advance, after the agreement period is finished or during the agreement period with periodic invoicing.

    You invoice the agreement by creating a fictitious service order where the agreement header is converted to a service order header, the location becomes an assignment and the agreement lines are changed to service order lines.

    This service order immediately receives status 60 = finished reporting and is ready for invoicing.

    You create the agreement order in 'Service Agrmt. Create SO for Invoice' (SAS600).

  2. Reset Generated SO

    If the generated service order needs to be changed, you can reset the order in 'Service Agrmt. Reset Created SO' (SAS620). Before generating new service orders from service agreements you can exclude agreements or change prices or the invoicing range.

  3. Invoice Agreement

    You invoice the fictitious service order like you would any other service order in 'SO Invoice. Print' (SOS180). After you have printed the invoice, the invoicing interval is updated if you are using periodic invoicing. At the same time sales statistics, the individual item history and the general ledger are also updated.

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