Creating Service Agreement (SA)

This document explains the process of creating a service agreement. The agreement covers the service level, pricing and warranty for the service of sold and rented items.

You create service agreements when:



The service agreement is used to specify the response time, the work and material to be included in a service assignment for a sold or rented item that needs to be repaired or preventive service.

How the System Is Affected

See Processing Service Agreement.

Before you start

Basic data for service agreements must be entered. For more information, refer to the following documents:

Follow These Steps

  1. Enter SA Header

    Enter the general data for the service agreement, the service agreement header, when the customer has bought or rented an individual item that includes a service agreement. The service agreement header contains the type of data that all service agreements have in common regardless of the location, for instance:

    • A customer
    • The validity time
    • The service agreement type where the scope of the promised service is stated
    • Different aspects of the pricing and invoicing of the agreement.

    You enter the service agreement header in 'Service Agreement. Open' (SAS100).

  2. Enter Agreement Sites

    Enter an agreement site to describe:

    • Where the individual item is placed
    • In what way the specific site, location differs from other sites in terms of service manager, payer and payer control.

    You enter the agreement site in 'Service Agrmt. Connect Customer Site' (SAS110), which is reached via option 15 in (SAS100).

  3. Enter Agreement Objects

    Finally, enter the agreement objects, the so-called individual items. The individual items are entered per site and agreement. Most of the information for the individual items is retrieved from the service order header and service location, but the information can be changed manually for each individual item.

    You enter agreement objects in 'Service Agrmt. Open Lines' (SAS120) which is reached from 'Service Agrmt. Connect Customer Site' (SAS110), reached via option 15 in (SAS100).

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